Australia Covid live news update: Victoria police and anti-lockdown protesters violently clash after 535 new cases; NSW reports 1,331 cases and ACT 15





Live footage shows protesters rushing through the McDonald’s car park on Bridge Road to what appears to be Palmer Street in Richmond.

Protesters can be seen running, as police chase people down the street.



Police have arrived at Bridge Road. They can be seen chasing after and clashing with protesters.

Footage shows police tackling some protesters to the ground, and spraying pepper spray at others.



Circling back to the ACT press conference, the chief minister, Andrew Barr, has been asked about new modelling and information about healthcare system capacities, released to national cabinet yesterday, that shows the risk of easing lockdown restrictions too soon.

Barr says the modelling shows that even if 70% of the population is double-dosed, partial efficacy of the test, trace, isolate and quarantine (TTIQ) system, and low-level public health measures, “we would be up for a couple of thousand cases a day”:

Around 10% would require hospitalisation, and a smaller amount the ICU. If we got to a situation where daily cases numbers are like Sydney, that would be a real problem. We can’t let that happen, and it won’t.

Barr says he doesn’t want to pass judgment on the NSW government’s decision to ease restrictions despite more than 1,000 daily Covid-19 cases, but says “you could not walk away from yesterday’s briefings on health systems and the Doherty Institute’s modelling to think it is prudent at 70% to be doing radical things”.

“Opening everything up at 70% is not prudent – very clear advice provided to us yesterday,” he says.



Live footage from the protests being streamed to Facebook shows protesters appear to be reconvening on Bridge Road, Richmond after escaping police via a residential side gate.

They are near the Officeworks on Bridge Road.

Protesters can be heard yelling “stay together, group up”.



The protesters have broken out into what appears to be chants of “you serve us”, referring to police who have effectively blocked them into one small area.

Some protesters can also be seen escaping the police barricade via a residential side gate, screaming to the rest of the protestors “this way”. People start screaming and running from the police. They emerge onto Bridge Road, Richmond.

The man filming live can be heard saying police have been “outsmarted once more”.


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