Iran launches missile in major warning to Joe Biden – explosive smashes into sea | World | News

The Islamic Republic began the missile drill today as tensions between the US and the state remain high. 

Iran used its largest warship, the Makran and the Zere which has missile-launch capability for the two-day drill. 

The state has one of the largest missile programmes in the region and has regularly deployed naval vessels in the Gulf of Oman to flex its military muscle. 

Amid tensions between the US and Iran, the Islamic Republic seized two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. 

The two ships were detained last week after Iranian funds in South Korean banks were frozen due to US sanctions. 

In 2019, Iran had also detained a British-flagged tanker, the Stena Impero in a show of force against the West.  

Under Donald Trump, the US has employed a maximum pressure strategy against the state. 

Washington had imposed severe tariffs on certain industries such as the oil sector and any company which deals with the state. 

By doing so, the US has managed to cripple the state’s economy and nuclear proliferation programme. 

Mr Trump also withdrew the US from 2015 nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), which restricted the state to low levels of nuclear proliferation. 

Since then, tensions have soured rapidly with Washington taking an increasingly hawkish approach to the state. 

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