‘It’s going to kill me’: Woman attacked and followed by kangaroo

An Australian woman said she thought she was going to be killed when a kangaroo attacked her during a morning run. 

Tracy Noonan noticed a kangaroo getting closer to her during her morning run, in the Beaconsfield area of Melbourne’s outskirts. 

“As I was running along the road I saw the kangaroo out of the corner of my eye and I didn’t think much of it,” she told 7NEWS.

“It had to jump a couple of fences to actually get to me and by the last fence, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this kangaroo is not going to stop,” said Ms Noonan.

Ms Noonan recalled throwing rocks in attempts of scaring the kangaroo away, but said it only intensified its pursuits.

Ms Noonan said as she turned, she felt a “massive thump” on her back and she fell to the ground. When she turned around she saw the kangaroo standing over her.

“I put my head back down because I thought ‘Oh my goodness, this is now going to claw me to death’.

“It all sort of happened so fast,” she said.

The kangaroo, she said, then followed her to her driveway as she returned home, where it waited for 20 minutes until neighbours helped her to scare it away. 

“I thought, ‘Oh my goodness, this kangaroo is going to kill me,” as she described the incident as something “out of a horror movie”.

Having spoken to a local ranger about the incident, she said: “He seems to think that it could possibly be my perfume.”

“I left early in the morning and I was fumbling around for deodorant and that’s all I could find.

“I was not trying to attract any kangaroos, I can assure you that,” she joked.

Kangaroo attacks in Australia are not very common. The animal is considered docile and usually doesn’t attack unprovoked.

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