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Viktoria Ivanova’s son Volodya had just been delivered when another mum who had given birth snatched him from the bed and threw him out of a window in Sterlitamak, Russia

Baby boy Volodya, who was thrown out of the window of a maternity hospital
Baby boy Volodya is pictured next to his mother before he was thrown out of a window

A grief-stricken couple have forgiven a mother who threw their hours-old baby boy to his death from a maternity ward window – and do not want her punished.

Viktoria Ivanova had just given birth to her son, Volodya, at maternity hospital No. 1 in the Russian city of Sterlitamak when the tragic incident unfolded on Monday.

The suspect, Alina Araslanova, 29, walked over to Viktoria’s bed, grabbed the infant and tossed him out of the window.

The newborn boy died instantly when he landed on the floor outside.

Alina had just given birth earlier in the evening to her second daughter when hospital staff saw her walking over to Viktoria’s bed.

Viktoria Ivanova and her husband say they have “accepted” what happened to their family



Local media reported that Alina had previously spent time in a psychiatric hospital being treated for depression but had later been released.

Viktoria’s husband has told Russian media that they have forgiven Alina and they do not want to see her punished.

He said the couple has “accepted” what happened and their desire is for Alina to “live her life happily”.

Alina Araslanova is accused of throwing the newborn out of the window



Viktoria and her husband, who was not identified, already have two boys, and Volodya would have been their third.

The father said: “It is our will with my wife that this woman is forgiven, we do not want to punish her.”

He added: “She should be allowed to live her life happily.

“We have accepted everything, we do not want anyone to be punished.”

Police continue to investigate Monday’s incident and have not yet established all the circumstances.

The Investigative Directorate said in a statement: “At present, a number of investigative and operational measures has been started to establish all the circumstances of the crime, as well as the reasons and conditions that led to it.”

Alina has undergone a psychiatric examination and her children are currently in the care of the authorities.

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